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2 Organizers with a double binder - $85.00

Organizer no binder - $40.00

Organizer with binder - $55.00​​.

​​Your Aging Parent's Health Record Organizer

Your Aging Parent’s Health Record Organizer was designed with the patient and their family in mind by a practicing physician – Frenesa K. Hall MD. I realized that different family member brought their elderly parent to different physician visits. Most of the time, one family member had no idea of the events of the prior visit with a different doctor. Were any medications added or changed? Any tests done or ordered? Any new diagnoses? New drug reactions? It was a mess! They brought little shreds of paper with notes scribbled on them at best. Attempts to call the other offices for information were time consuming and often not fruitful. This either led to duplication of tests, potential drug interactions, and/or delays in seeing other patients.

Out of this critical need, I created a system to organize everything. It contains documents that help track:

  • Appointments
  • Medications
  • Physicians
  • Pharmacies
  • Expenses
  • Legal documents
  • And more

One of the unique features of this system is the "Doctor Visit Organizer" page. It was designed to capture all of the critical information a doctor needs for each visit -  the 3 issues that need to be addressed for that visit and an area for the physician or nurse or family member to write in what this doctor ordered or concluded. When going to the next doctor visit, this document can be referred to and a copy given to the current physician to update them on information from a visit to another doctor. 

Take control with Your Aging Parent’s Health Record Organizer!