Our passion is helping people improve their health and wellness. We help by providing:

  • Clinically proven safe and effective supplements to address the main health issues affecting us today
  • A way to easily manage health related information to avoid mistakes 
  • And by making practical and vetted health information readily available to our clients

​Proper knowledge combined with action is powerful and we at Mobile-Medicine.Net want to empower our clients. The Helo helps give you personal information so you can act!

Our People

Our Passion

Mobile-Medicine.Net was founded by Frenesa K. Hall, MD in 2003 as a house call practice. Dr. Hall had grown tired of the challenges associated with a regular office based practice and wanted a way to spend quality time with her patients. Although she no longer sees any new patients, she continues to provide individualized care to her select clients.

Dr. Hall is an internist by training but has a special interest in complementary and alternative medicine. She has taken numerous courses and attended many conferences to gain knowledge in natural approaches to common conditions. She worked with Metametrix Clinical Lab in the past as well. She has had great success incorporating these concepts into the care of her clients.

Dr. Hall also partnered with Unicity International to make their flagship product, Balance, as well as their 100+ other products, to make them available to people needing help with:

  • obesity and overweight
  • natural approaches to diabetes and lipid management
  • natural approaches to gastrointestinal tract disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation, reflux, etc. 
  • improving overall wellness
  • and many other disorders

Dr. Hall not only recommends these products she takes them herself! Over the course of the past 2 years she has dramatically improved her overall health and well-being. Over this period of time she has:

  • lost 30 pounds - and kept it off!
  • lost 5 inches at her waist and hips
  • reduced her total cholesterol from 229 to 165
  • reduced her LDL (bad) cholesterol from 129 to 86
  • reduced her blood pressure medicines by two thirds with plans to discontinue them soon (as of 3/1/15)

"I have been so impressed by Balance and the Transformation Program. It has out performed every other weight loss/wellness program I have seen in my 20+ years in practice!

                                    - Frenesa K. Hall, MD

The introduction of the Helo has taken health monitoring to a new level and Dr. Hall is using it for her own health as well as recommending it for her clients. It has revolutionized personal tracking and allows individuals to share, via email, their results with their doctor or family members. And it does so much more! 

Welcome to Mobile-Medicine.Net