The Balance Challenges are 21 day programs designed to help people get  a jump start on improving their day to day health habits - specifically choice of foods, quantity of food and exercise. The Diabetes group will received information that is specific to help improve blood sugar control and reduce the risk of complications. The only requirement to join the group is to purchase and use Balance twice a day before your two largest meals of the day.

How it works:

  • You are invited to join either a Balance Challenge Facebook group or a Diabetes Balance Challenge group
    • ‚ÄčThe group is closed so that non-members can only see who is in the group and not our posts
  • Each day, the Challenge leader will post reminders to have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Each participant posts a comment that includes a picture of each meal
  • The Challenge leader will also post a daily exercise with instructions that members may choose to do or they can do their own routine
    • Each participant will also post their exercise for that day
  • In the Diabetes Challenge their will also be posts giving information to educate people with Diabetes on various aspects of Diabetes and Diabetes management
  • Each group will also see posts of encouragement and nutrition specific information
  • The Challenge leader will also make suggestions for better food choices when needed

We ALL have better results with coaching, accountability and encouragement!

The short video reviewing how Balance works is on the Welcome page of this website for your review.

If you want to join 21 day Challenge, contact me directly at or go to the Contact Us page.